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Crib Rooms
Crib Rooms

Multitrade Building Hire wish to supply the client with a building fit for an army, or maybe just a small crew. With varying sizing capabilities, Multitrade Building Hire can supply a simple crib room for a crew of five or develop a lunch room to seat 2000.

We are equipped to incorporate sink units, kitchen facilities and serving areas depending on clientele’s description. The option of either hire or sale allows clients to be comfortable, whether the project is short or long term.
Furniture and all electrical items from fridges to pie warmers, to tables and chairs are also incorporated as hire fleet. As a standard all our cribs are fitted with zip boils, or auto boils as these are much safety and effective than an urn.

Standard crib room sizes

Crib Rooms are available in six standard sizes:

  • > 3.0m x 3.0m
  • > 9.6m x 3.0m
  • > 4.0m x 3.0m
  • > 12.0m x 3.0m
  • > 6.0m x 3.0m
  • Click here for specifications.
  • > 7.2m x 3.0m
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